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[IP] A gusher?

Yesterday morning,I pulled a Sil set out(on the upper
leg,for anatomical reference)(gone bad,the sole sign a
small,black ring across the point of entry)This set
had worked well for 1.5 days,so its not like it was
just inserted and nicked something on the way in,it
must've been bumped.And bumped well,that little sucker
hit the mother lode of something.Blood poured out of
that thing fast and furious,took 20 minutes to clot.It
left a clot-bruise half the size of a penny.Does this
sound like a gusher-I've heard of them,but have never
experienced one(minor bleeds while inserting sets were
nothing like this),and what specifically is a
gusher?Is it possible to hit an artery(or vein)with a
set?(and if you did,would the bleeding have stopped on
its own?)Before someone tells me("Oh,you just hit a
rather active capillery")I've never seen anything
bleed like this thing did.

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