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[IP] Anyone have experience with the paradigm?

Stacey wrote:

Hi Everyone
I have had the horrific experience of my pump Dying!  And of course my 
warrenty has run out.  It is time for an upgrade anyway and I am looking at 
the minimed 508 or paradigm. (I Had the MM 507)  My other choice was pay 
$500.00 to extend the warrenty, get a replacement pump to see if mine could 
be fixed and then trade in........to much to deal with that way, plus I don't 
have a spare $500.00.  I'm not that crazy about how the paradigm looks, but I 
went on MM website and tried the virtual one and I did like the screen.  
Hopefully I can hear some opinions of some users??
Thanks in advance....Stacey
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My reply:
I love my Paradigm.  I also upgraded from a 507.  It wound up costing me $480 out of pocket,
though.  My insurance only paid 80%.  I traded in my 507, and still owed the $480.
The only reason you should get a 508 instead of the paradigm is if you need to be able to load
more than 150 units into each reservoir, or if you use sets from another company besides MM. 
Since I only use 25 units per day, I have no problem with the smaller reservoir.  The menu system
on the Paradigm and the ability to see 4 rows of information at once (like when you are reviewing
your recent bolus history) is great.

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