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Re: [IP] hypoglycemic unawareness [was No pump/bg to low/Barbara]

How long did it take to get your awareness of lows back after starting on 
the pump?  Also, I was wondering if your unawareness was during the day and 
while sleeping.  I am fine during the day, but a couple of months before I 
started the pump I set my alarm for random times during the night for 
several days to test and see where I was, and it turned out I was always 40 
and I had had no idea (unawareness, duh).  I guess I'm a little worried that 
if it's just when I'm asleep that I don't feel it, that won't get better by 
keeping my sugars higher...

>I had hypoglycemic unawareness and woke to many nights with 30-40's.
>Since being on the pump I have only done that maybe 2 times in the past 3
>yrs.  I can now tell whether my BG, morning or night, awake or asleep is

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