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[IP] re: new pumper

> Am I the only one that doesn't carry anything around with me?  I have my
> meter either in my desk at work, or in the car; I don't usually have it on
> me.  The only time I have extra supplies with me is if I'm going out of
> town.  I usually carry sugar of some sort, though.
> Mario

Maybe I carry more than I really need to, but I feel like I should at
least have an extra infusion set in case the one I'm using gets pulled
out or something (I know I *could* revert to shots until I'm back home,
but it would be much easier just to be able to put on a new one!)  Also,
I don't have a "desk job" and can't really leave supplies at work.  I
just keep what I need in my purse, and it's always with me.  For a short
trip (running down to the store or something), I might not really need
it all, but unanticipated things can happen and a "short trip" might
turn into a long one....

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