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[IP] No pump/bg to low/Barbara

Barbara:  That is the biggest reason the DR put me on the pump!!!!!!
I had hypoglycemic unawareness and woke to many nights with 30-40's.
Since being on the pump I have only done that maybe 2 times in the past 3 
yrs.  I can now tell whether my BG, morning or night, awake or asleep is 
70-75. During the night I treat with a box of juice and wake up with a normal 
The Physician, 
in my opinion, needs to educate himself regarding this wonderful pump.  While 
it took me almost 3 yrs. to learn to love my pump, I would never go back to 
injections.  All the pumps mentioned on this web site are excellent.  I 
choose a Disetronic H-tron mainly because it came with a backup pump and at 
that time was waterproof.
I hope you will find a doctor who will get in touch with the newer, updated 
treatment for IDDM's.  Remember, it is YOU that should be 
making the decision, NOT you Physician.
The best to you...............Jackie P
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