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RE: [IP] Re: Caffeine

After the discussions last week (or week before) I decided to experiment
with myself.  Since I don't intake caffeine at all I thought I would make a
great test subject (ha-ha).  

Anyway, I drank caffeine on three different days, at three different times,
making sure my BG was <= 120.  The first two times my blood sugar rose above
200 and then stayed there no matter what I did for about 3 hours.  The third
time, I square bolused 2 units for 2 hours and that seemed to help with the
BG, at least it was about 150.

Made me realize that I really don't want to intake caffeine and when I have
unexplained highs, maybe to look at my diet and see if I had hidden
caffeine.  Just another thing to watch out for, yeesh!

Just my opinion,
Barb Parker
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