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Re: [IP] using insulin over

For years I have been taking the insulin that is in the syringe part and use 
it to set up my next complete change.  I never put it in a different bottle 
than it originally came from, nor do I use any of the insulin in the tubing.  
When I start a new bottle of insulin I never cross or add insulin from 
another bottle.  I started to do this after I had spoken to a Nordisk rep 
about how many preservatives there were in Velosulin.  I now am on Humalog 
but am doing the same thing.

One more thing, I went to a local support club meeting about two months ago 
and it finally makes sense how some of the pumpers find that different types 
of insulin can keep a set "good" for a longer period of time.  At this 
meeting, somehow it was brought up there is a difference in the pH of the 
insulin.  Whalla! It finally made sense.  See even an old dog (diagnosed over 
34 years ago and pumping over 18 years) a new piece of information!

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