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[IP] Rapid set users

Disetronics sent me some samples of rapid sets.  As mentioned in previous
posts, I've been infusion-set-struggling.  Anyhow, I've had some ups today
(over 300 before I came home from work) although a correcting bolus seemed
to do the trick and now I'm 113.  Phew.

Pretty much all day I have felt the point of the needle in me, sometimes
when something presses against the location, sometimes just when I stretch.
Ouch.  Any notion what's gone wrong?  Any suggestions for future insertions?
(I have 2 more samples to try.)

Also, I notice that the adhesive that comes with it doesn't really seem to
be sticking.    (Hope it doesn't slip out tonight when I'm tossing and
turning.)  The directions say you don't need extra tape but do some of you
use some anyhow?

I plan to call Disetronics about this but I'd sure appreciate suggestions
from any successful rapid-set user.  Thanks.

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