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Re: [IP] Another Insurance / Pump Question

> I have a MM 508 that is 3 years old.  As most of you are probably aware,
the warranty is over after 4 years. I will be changing insurance providers
from CIGNA to Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Does anyone know if my new insurance
company would cover another 508? >

You should ask BCBS (or get MM to ask them).

>And also, if they do cover another pump,  can I sell the other one, or
should I keep it as a backup?>

Sure doesn't hurt to have a backup.  I kept my good ole 506 when I got the
508.  Just the other day, I used the 506 in a pinch.  'Course I had to put
new batteries in and re-program for basals, but it was very comforting to

Also, if it ain't broke.........  My 506 worked well for me for 6 and 1/2
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