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[IP] new pumper

> My ? is what would you carry
> with you at all times when going out for a day.  I realize you must check to
> see how much insulin is left but what if anything else would you carry with
> you.

I'm a fairly new pumper also, but I carry (in my purse):  an extra
infusion set and reservoir, 2 syringes, a bottle of insulin, 2 alcohol
wipes, spare pump & pump remote batteries (I don't use my remote much
and don't see that extra battery as essential -- it's just a place to
put it where it won't get lost), the "disconnect" accessories for the
Quickset, diastix (which I use to test soft drinks at  restaurants if I
suspect they're not diet),  my meter/strips/lancing device, a few extra
lancets, my logbook, and jelly bellies (which I keep in an empty glucose
tab tube -- I like the jelly bellies better because they're one gram of
carb apiece, so I can count out exactly how much carb I need).

Being diabetic pretty much rules out carrying small purses,
unfortunately (for me, anyway....)

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