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[IP] re: PMSing

Hi Melany,

  I am playing catch-up with my emails so I am sorry
that this is delayed.  I know for myself that when it
gets close to my period, my bg numbers go way up.  I
have a separate basal profile on my pump set up for
that time of the month.  Usually after the first day
of my period I can go back to my normal basal profile.

  Another thing you mentioned in your email is that
you took a 5 unit bolus at 10pm and then another 5
units an hour later.  Please be very careful!  It is
best, with Humalog, to wait 2.5 to 3 hours before
giving yourself another correction bolus because
that's how long it takes the Humalog to finish it's
peak.  If you take large boli to close to each other
you could end up with a severe hypoglycemic reaction
within a couple of hours or during your sleep.

Hope this helps,

Mystie & Slinky #2


I am PMSing (All guys stand back and cover your 
heads).  For the last two
days I have had to raise my basal rates .2 and .3 
- that's .5 in order to
maintain some level of control.  (On the other 
hand, I think after nearly 20
years of marriage my husband is finally "getting" 
it as he saw me bolus up
by 5 units at 10 pm and then when I was _still_ 
running in the 200s, bolus
another 5 units at 11, until my bgs _finally_ 
reduced to 120 by midnight.

Do any of the girls on this list have the same 
problem with PMS or am I
seriously doing _something_ wrong?


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