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Re: [IP] new pumper

>I was hooked up to the pump today w/saline.   My ? is what would you carry
>with you at all times when going out for a day.  I realize you must check 
>see how much insulin is left but what if anything else would you carry with

I probably don't carry everything that would be recommended by the docs, but 
I do keep a syringe and a vial of insulin in my purse (probably don't need 
to carry insulin, since you could draw some out of the reservior if you 
needed to), and, of course, glucose tablets.  If I am just going out for an 
hour or two I don't necessarily take anything (except the glucose tabs).  I 
also keep a couple of baggies at work, each with everything I need to change 
sites, but I don't carry that stuff around with me.


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