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RE: [IP] new pumper

First let me say: I'm a paranoid person by nature.

I keep 10 syringes, a box of alcohol swabs, two bottles of test strips, a
large bottle of glucose tabs, and two infusion sets (with resevoirs) in my
office desk drawer as well as a bottle of insulin I rotate through my work

In my backpack (which I take EVERYWHERE) I keep 10 syringes, two infusion
sets (with resevoirs), three bottles of test strips, two rolls of glucose
tabs (10 pieces each), a glucagon kit, two glucose meters (my primary and a
backup in case I leave my primary at work or home), 5 lancets, two most
recent insulin bottles (which have less than 1ml remaining each), 20+
Alcohol Swabs, 20+ IV Prep Swabs, spare batterys for meters/pump/pump
remote, that tiny plastic 'wrench' for switching between short-fill and
long-fill, and 2 granola bars.  The meters have their own cases, everything
else I keep in the large zipper pouch which came with my minimed pump.

Again, my pack represents a somewhat extreme setup, but you're only paranoid
until you're not.

-----Original Message-----
I was hooked up to the pump today w/saline.   My ? is what would you carry
with you at all times when going out for a day.  I realize you must check to
see how much insulin is left but what if anything else would you carry with
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