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Re: [IP] Parental advice...

It's really too bad that she can't separate the two.
People have feelings and emotions and they are going to
get expressed with or without diabetes. It's sort of
like disagreeing with one's spouse and everything
getting blamed on PMS (when the person doesn't even
have it) - no, people just have feelings and emotions
and they express them. It doesn't have to have anything
to do with anything else BUT the fact that you are
human and have feelings and emotions. (I hope this is
coming out how I mean it). :)

I have an almost 12yo child with diabetes (dx'd almost
6yrs ago) and unless something is *way* out of
character/atypical/extreme/unusual *for her* (which is
pretty rare and ironically, happens only when she's
*really, really high* rather than low), I don't even
factor the diabetes into the equation. I have 8
children and her siblings do (or did) all the same
things she does (or did), so I'm certain that the vast
majority of her behaviors are just typical kid stuff
and not diabetes related at all. If I checked her bg
for every behavior I thought  was diabetes-caused,
there are some days we'd be poking every 5mins. ;)

This is just how we do things. YMMV :)

take care, Kerri

In a message dated 5/14/02 2:01:58 PM Central Daylight
Time, email @ redacted writes:
I am nearly 40 years old, and she _still_ blames my
disagreements with her on blood sugars
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