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Re: [IP] Parental advice...

> for those of you that take issue with this...what
> do you suggest we parents do if you don't think we should check for diabetes
> issues?
> Beverly


I don't have an issue with it.  I was particularly just stating the other side of it.
You child may one day have similar feelings about the whole situation.  By no means
should you not protect your child.  I personally understand because when my son gets
hyperactive, he is usually having a high blood sugar.  He also has ADHD.  We have to
use what signs we see because we can't feel what they feel.  I hope that we were all
just discussing the differences in having diabetes as a child now and then.  We are
aware of the fact that what you said was in response to another message.  Please don't
feel that we are judging you.  I think we were basically  stemming off of one subject
into another issue.  I apologize if we made you feel like we were judging your
parenting.  Please accept our apologies.  :-)

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