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Re: [IP] Parental advice...

Hi There,

I grew up diabetic.  DXed when I was 5 years old.  I _Hated_ it when I was a
teen and my mom told me to check my urine (no blood checks then) to see if I
was running "low" during our fights.  It was as though I couldn't disagree
with her at any time for any legitimate reason because I "must be having an
insulin reaction" to be so mouthy.

Now, I am the mother of a 17 year-old daughter.  Trust me - mouthy is just
part of the teenage terrain.  She's not diabetic, but I wish that my mother
would have acknowledged that in me and not blamed it on diabetes.  I am
nearly 40 years old, and she _still_ blames my disagreements with her on
blood sugars!


> how about....when faced with an extremely mouthy youngster....*go check
> bgs...and you better hope you are low or you are in serious trouble*?
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