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[IP] Parental advice...

On 5/14/02 10:00 AM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted>

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> Subject: Re: [IP] Parent to a diabetic child
> how about....when faced with an extremely mouthy youngster....*go check your
> bgs...and you better hope you are low or you are in serious trouble*?
> Beverly
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My nightmare is that there is really no PMS, and that this is my

My roommates and I watched "Wolf Lake" one night and the 10 o'clock  news
came on saying: "Well you've seen Wolf Lake, are there werewolves in the
Southland?" My roommates piped up in unison: "YES! We're LIVING with one!".

Gee, Thanks.

Diabetes? What 'Diabetes'?

Jenny Sutherland
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