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Re: [IP] Parent to a diabetic child

At 01:03 PM 5/14/02, you wrote:
>I am going to play devil's advocate for a minute.  To you that have not been a
>diabetic child and are just parents of a diabetic child, I don't think Pat
>meant any harm.  We do as children get tired of everything being blamed on
>diabetes.  I don't know how long Pat has been a diabetic or at what age it
>started, but for me I have been diabetic for almost 21 years at was diagnosed
>at the age of 11.  Things are so different now than when I was a child.
>Everything I wanted to do as a child was brushed off with the excuse that I
>could not because I was a diabetic.  My mother always blamed all of my 
>moods on
>diabetes.  Not hormones or whatever.  It was always diabetes.  Our parents 
>through a lot, as I am sure you have, but they were by no means blessed with
>today's technologies.  We as parents are by no means perfect with or without a
>child with an illness.  We just do the best we can.  By the way, my son is a
>diabetic too.  I can sit on both sides of the fence.

Billie, you said it perfectly.  I was diagnosed way back in 1957, and the 
young age of 5, and went through the same things..couldn't do anything, 
enjoy anything, or practically go anywhere because of this damn 
disease.  thanks for putting your words in my mouth.

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