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Re: [IP] Site PRoblems Too!!

About Sils.....
> Tried a new site too, about 3 inches below my right
> breast.  OH MY GOD DID THAT HURT!!!  I almost fainted from the pain!
>  I did manage to get out the incredibly long needle, and got the
> site set up, but it still hurts.  I hope this goes away!  Do the
> sils come in different catheter/needle lengths?  

No, only one length, but they also should not hurt. If it hurts it 
usually means that the insertion was done too deep. The instructions 
recommend an insertion angle of 30-45 degrees, but this can be too 
deep for thin people or areas of tissue where there is very little 
fat beneath the skin. Kids and "skinnys" are more likely to use 15-30 
degrees. i.e. a little deeper than "just beneath the skin".

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