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Re: [IP] What do the numbers mean?

> I recently got my A1c back and it was a 6.9 - was told it was equal
> to an average of 150.  Good Luck ----- Original Message ----- From:
> <email @ redacted> To: <email @ redacted> Sent: Monday, May
> 13, 2002 9:27 PM Subject: [IP] What do the numbers mean?
> > I was told that my A1C was 7.4, a little high according to my endo. Can
> > someone please tell me what this number means? I know it is a three month
> > average blood glucose level, but what is the equivalent number on my blood
> > glucose monitor. 124   150      250   300 ? help
> >
You can't create the "equivalent" A1c bg number by looking at the 
numbers on your meter. The A1c equivalent is the composite of all 
bg's minute by minute over the last 2-3 months. What can be said is 
that average blood sugars are "xx" if A1c is "y.y", but not the other 
way around. 

For most labs, the formula you can use is:

Average glucose = (HbA1c x 33.3) - 86

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