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[IP] Quickset problems - long vent

ok here we go again - after having so much problems with quicksets I've been 
using my accumulated spare supplies of sof sets that I use at the office and 
and each of my families homes for the just. Now I've decided to use the 
quicksets again and guess what - they leak at the connection where it 
attaches to the reservoir.  - Am I the only one having this problem of 
leaking - when I used the sof sets they work fine with the reservoir.  last 
nite I thought maybe I over tighten the set onto the reservoir so I changed 
it at 2:40 am since it leaked heavily and when I woke this morning after 
doing a correction at 3:40 am, my BS was 105 and didn't seem like there was 
a leak. Now at the office I checked my BS before having a late breakfast and 
my BS is 291 - huh why? - did correction bolus and looked and guess what - 
its leaking again at the reservoir connection -

so now I didn't bring another vial of novolog because I had plenty of 
insulin in the reservoir - so looks like either I just change the tubing and 
not refill the reservoir with the 1 extra sof set I have or just keep doing 
correction boluses with 20% extra and just keep testing.

will call Minimed again - I think the quickset does not connect correctly to 
the reservoir - I guess when I see my endo I'm going to try the Ultraflex 
from desetronics - just like staying with 1 company to avoid an extra copay 
and not sure if desetronics is covered under UHC.

Just wondering if anyone else is having these problems with quicksets.


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