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RE: [IP] bolusing

Usually you only bolus the carb ratio on a square if the eating of the carbs
will be spread throughout the square time.  I use the square to account for
fats and/or proteins in my meals (if more than usual).  I dual wave
actually.  The now part is the carb bolus, and the square part is for the
fats/proteins.  Most people on this list have their own formula for bolusing
for fats and proteins.  You'll need to start out with a set amount and then
test every hour and see how your BG is responding.  Mine is:
	0-med fats, no bolus
	med - hi, 2.0 for 3 hours
	hi - off the scale, 3.0 for 3 hours
I then test at the 2 and 4 hour mark and cover at the 4 hour mark if I'm
above 150.

Like I said, you need to see what it takes for your body.  They only way is
to try something and then test, test, test.

Good Luck,
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