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Re: [IP] Re: Square-wave for protein

In a message dated 5/14/02 5:21:47 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Noah, too, does an extended wave bolus over 2-7 hours (determined by 
> the total amount of carbs, fat, and protein consumed).  We guess at 
> the amount of insulin to cover the fat and protein.  Do you use a 
> scientific formula to calculate either of those or have you just 
> developed your own formula based on trial and error like us?

We don't have a "scientific" formula.  We use a system developed by Ron Sebol 
who is an engineer and diabetic and mathmetician.  He runs another list 
called LC-D diabetes.

Basically he spent three years full time researching how to dose his food.  
He uses a method similar to TAG (total available glucose).  He has taught us 
not to think of food as "carbs, fat, or protein", but rather as GRAMS OF 
GLUCOSE available from the food.

We dose the carbs weighted by their glycemic value.  15 grams of apple is 15 
x .38 (the g.i of apple) and 15 grams of bread is 15 x .7 (the gi of most 
bread).  We then get from that the GRAMS GLUCOSE FROM CARB.

We dose 59% of meat/chicken/vegetable/grain/legume protien.  So if there is 7 
grams of meat we dose 7 x .59 as  GRAMS OF GLUCOSE FROM PROTEIN.

At this time, we do not dose fat because using the above method we get 
results within 5-10 b.g. points of what we expect, so it is not priority to 
figure out how to dose the fat.

FAT and PROTEIN, always effect Gabe.  Even lean protein, like chicken breast, 
or lean meat, will cause b.g. to be low after the meal (even hypo and 
requiring glucose) and then high 4- 7 hours later.  If you add fat and 
protein, the effect lasts overnight and sometimes into the next morning.

So, the square wave is a big help; also, the ability to correct in .1 units 
with a remote control while he sleeps is a big help.  I just assume that on 
nights he eats meat or fat, he will need a correction around 3 a.m. 

Gabe has learned to avoid most fatty/hi protein meals anyway, cause he 
doesn't like the high numbers.  But he will eat those foods in smaller 
quantities.  He limits himself; I don't tell him; he will limit himself to 3 
pizza slices or 1 hot dog while the other kids eat more...his choice.

That's about it......HBA1C 5.8 last week and three months ago...so something 
is working.

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