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[IP] Site PRoblems Too!!

Hi everyone!  I have only posted a few times, but had to add my two cents 
to the tape allergy talk.  I have been on the pump for 6 years now.  I had 
a Minimed 507 till a few months ago, then upgraded to the 508 (I choose 
that over the paradigm because of the ability to refil the reservoirs on 
the 508, I sometimes don't have sets with me when I run out, and I don't 
want to have to have them with me all the time).  Anyway, I have always had 
irritation with the tape the sof sets used, but it wasn't bad enough to 
switch until recently.  So, I tried the quick sets.  Tape was wonderful, 
set wasn't.  I couldn't control my sugars.  I had to take twice the amount 
to stay in control.  So, I went back to the sof sets, but on the butt.  Not 
as much irritation, but still there.  So, last time, I tried the sils.  No 
tape irritation, good performance.  I thought I had the answer!  Now, just 
now (about 5 minutes ago), I did my second sil insertion.  Tried a new site 
too, about 3 inches below my right breast.  OH MY GOD DID THAT HURT!!!  I 
almost fainted from the pain!  I did manage to get out the incredibly long 
needle, and got the site set up, but it still hurts.  I hope this goes 
away!  Do the sils come in different catheter/needle lengths?  I insert 
almost straight up anyway, so it shouldn't have to be so incredibly 
long.  Wow, this really hurts, I hope I didn't puncture a lung (that is a 
joke, by the way!).
I did get some tape samples from a nice lady here, and if the sils don't 
work, I will try them with the sof sets.  I want to make sure a 
conventional solution won't work first.
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