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Beverly, Mom to Mary, 8, dx'd 9/97, pumping, and Nick, who is now nine!
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Diabetes in the news. From DRI's Tom Karlya.
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To the so many who have played a role in the battle against diabetes,
    Tomorrow night on NBC Nightly News (6:30-7:30 PM EST) with Tom
Brokaw, Robert Bazell (Chief Scientific Reporter) will be delivering a
story from the DRI in Florida.  This e-mail is to the many friends I
have known who have supported the battle against diabetes for their own
family or just because of their generous heart; it is to those who have
become part of the battle from knowing what Jill and I go through (and
more important--what our Kaitlyn goes through)or because of somone else
you care about;  it is if you have become part of the battle via the
DRI-the JDRF-the CWD-the ADA or by some other means, I invite you to
watch tomorrow and see what some of your efforts have produced.  If you
have helped raise 5 cents--you are part of the work that will be shown.
On behalf of my family, I humbly thank you and hope the show tomorrow
night presents the progress made and the urgency we all need to finish
the job.......and what a day that will be.

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