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[IP] Foods that require extended boluses...

> Hi everyone,
> I would love to hear others on this list about what foods you all use an
> extended or square wave bolus for.  I am familar with the two usual items
> items such as cheesy pizza and mexican food but I just started thinking
> there may be more foods (than we realize) that might be better covered with
> an extended bolus.
> Please let me know as maybe this may be responsible for some unexplained
> highs in my 12 year old...

I get a lot of use out of my dual/square wave boluses.  For example...

Generally if I'm eating a heavy meal where I know I'll be feeling *full*
for awhile afterward, I'll do a dual wave to keep the bg's down (still
perfecting the ideal dosages and durations for that, but I did pretty
well yesterday with Mother's Day brunch and dinner with my parents...)

If I'm eating something with a really high protein content, I'll usually
do a dual/square wave bolus to avoid a mild high several hours later.

Munching on nuts (one of my favorite snacks) -- I usually do a square
wave bolus of about a unit over an hour.  Keeps my bg's just about
right.  .

Anyway, YMMV

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