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[IP] Fwd: birth control

I am forwarding this to the group with Becky's permission:

>Hi Jayne!
>I read the posts between you & "Carla" on the IP
>digest, but can't figure out how to post a message to
>the digest. If you still have her e-mail address,
>would you mind to forward this to her?
>I just wanted to say, I've tried birth control pills,
>Depo Provera Shots, & my current (AND FAVORITE!)
>Ortho-Evra birth control patches. Depo-Provera didn't
>do well with my system because it had a steroid effect
>on my sugars and then I was stuck with those effects
>for the length of the injection (3 months, I think).
>Though a pumper friend of mine has had no trouble with
>the Depo Provera. I recommend the Orth-Evra patch
>because you only change it once a week for 3 weeks a
>month, and the week you don't wear it is the week you
>have your period. It can be worn on your behind, your
>tummy, your upper arm, and upper torso.
>Becky :0)
>Almost 26 years old, insulin dependent a little over
>20 years, pumping with a MiniMed 507C almost 4 years.
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