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Re: [IP] PMSing and DepoProvera

I had to chime in on my depo experience. Since it's a three month stint, I
think it's important to weigh the pro's and con's.

I went on depo about 5 years ago (3 years before being dx with T1 D). My
periods stopped immediately, which I didn't think was all that bad.
Unfortunately, I put on about 18 pounds in those first three months. My
ob/gyn said that it was very likely a result of the depo but it would almost
certainly plateau during the next 3-month cycle. I was young and stupid, and
at that time hung on my doctor's every word. I got another shot.

Three months and another 22 (!) pounds later, my ob/gyn took one look at me
and said I should stop depo immediately. She recorded it on my chart as a
"depo blow-up." I didn't get my period for 12 more months.

I'm lucky I wasn't diabetic at the time, knowing now how a mere 5 pounds can
through ALL of my basals and boluses off.

Here's the punchline: I finally lost the weight, but then it just kept
MELTING away. I ended up 30 pounds lighter than when I started depo. For
several weeks I was having awful abdominal pain so I made an appointment
with my ob/gyn. She diagnosed me with a "case of hypochondria." A week later
my internist diagnosed me with the D.

And no, she isn't my ob/gyn anymore.

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