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[IP] Body Temp and Insulin

I have to agree with Mark on this.  I am not an MD or CDE nor do I claim to
have the education they have. That said, I routinely go 7 days without
changing my cartridge (site changes every 2 days) and see no
degradation.....same goes for my daughter. My A1C's are in the low 5's, my 5
year old is generally in the high 6's so I do not believe our control is
effected by the length of time the insulin is in our pumps.  I use Novolog,
my daughter uses Humulog.  My pump lays against my skin during the day and
at night is is subjected to my wife's electric blanket.  We need to remember
what the manufactures of insulin say, Lilly says their product is good for
28 days at up to 86 degrees, I believe Novo to be the same. Ok, sure it may
be a few degrees higher when placed against the skin but not so much that
the number of days drops from 28 to 3.

Mark Haywood wrote:

> Bogus info!
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