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Re: [IP] PMSing and DepoProvera

>Another thing...  When I was on the pill I had yeast infections constantly
>and ultimately stopped taking it because it was just too miserable.  I 
>know if depo also causes them (but wouldn't be surprised since it's mucking
>around with the same hormones), but the idea that there's no turning back
>(ie, you take the shot and its in you for three months, like it or not)
>really gives me the weeby jeebies.  You might be able to live through three
>months of yeast infections, but what if there was some other reason you
>didn't want that stuff in your system?  I hope this is just crazy paranoia,
>something to think about anyway.  I suppose if everyone who takes it is
>happy with it, then it might be worth the risk.
>I was on Depo for a little over 6 years and NEVER had a problem with yeast 
>I think this may be a YMMV.  Just because you had hell with the pill 
>doesn't mean that other people will have the same problem.  Maybe it is 
>something in your body's chemistry that does not agree with the form of 
>birth control you chose and maybe something wlse will work for you>
>Again, this is a YMMV and that is why there are many other forms for women 
>to choose from.  Life is all about choices.

Gina,  I'm feeling a little misunderstood here.  I'm not saying "don't take 
depo because I had a hard time with the pill."  I'm just saying, before a 
person injects something into their body that they will not be able to be 
free of for three months, they should really check around and see if the 
other people who've done it are happy.  And because it is clearly a YMMV 
issue, I'd want to know that very few people had problems.  I'd want to 
know, for instance, that it NEVER messed up women's blood sugars.  I'd also 
want to know that it NEVER made people gain weight.  Certainly we all have 
to make choices in our lives by our own criteria, not someone elses.  These 
are just mine.  I do think, though, that if I was about to make the decision 
I'd want to know about the experience of others so I could factor that in... 
  Anyway, you made my point perfectly by saying "maybe it's something in 
your body's chemistry..."  Right.  And if there had been a problem with depo 
and my body's chemistry, I would have been stuck with that problem for three 
months.  I'm too chicken.  I'm sure that a lot of people are happy with 
depo, so it may be a gamble that pays off well for those who are not too 


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