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> If she only has Rh- alleles to contribute (and she would if she's Rh-),
> have to contribute one of her Rh-s.  That's not to say that her child will
> Rh- tho.  If the male who contributes 1 allele is Rh+ then he could
> contribute an Rh+ allele and the child would be Rh+ because Rh+ is
> dominant.  If he contributes an Rh- allele, the resulting child would be

Even more interesting:

If a woman is Rh- and carrying an Rh+ fetus, she could develop antibodies to
the baby's blood. If she had enough antibodies (usually as a result of
multiple pregnancies), her antibodies could kill the baby.

But nowadays, they have a treatment, called RhoGam, I think, that prevents
the mother from building up antibodies.

The percentage of Rh- varies among different racial groups: among Those of
European descent, it's 85% positive, 15% negative, but among blacks and
Jews, it's 93% and 7% and among East Asians, it's 99% and 1%.

Makes you wonder WHY Rh- is relatively more common among Europeans, and what
evolutionary advantage it confers!

Natalie ._c- feeling better, but some of the ducks are still not
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