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[IP] off-topic (sort of) health resources in FL

Sorry to bother everyone with this.  I found out when I was visiting with
my family yesterday, that my aunt (61 years old) living in florida, is
having massive health problems along with some serious mental health
issues.  She has put herself in massive debt, and evidently has not had
health insurance for some time (and she was a doctor!!!!)  However, she's
now having serious problems (the only symptoms that I know of include
weakness in her knees and vomitting) but she claims that she can not go to
the hospital due to her lack of insurance!  (and of course she's burdening
my 85 year old grandmother with all of this.)

Does anyone here know of public assistance programs, free clinics, etc. in
the West Palm Beach area that I can try to send her to?  (Not that she'll
take my advice, but I feel like I ought to at least try).

Thanks in advance, and sorry for adding one more message to your inboxes,

dx'd 3/89
pumping 10/99

Jessica Marder
email @ redacted
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