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Re: [IP] Re-deprovera

In a message dated 5/10/2002 9:53:43 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I seen a post about Deprovera- is there very many women out there on this. I
> here all the time form the hubby, that he loves me but sure wish the family
> didn't have to suffer with me.  Are they expensive? They could save a 
> marriage
> and help bs so probably worth it. lol          Carla

I was on the Depo. for about 2 years and I got off of it because I was moody 
on it. That was before the pump so I am not so sure that was because of the 
dep. I was thinking maybe it was sugar related. My periods have been 
irregular ever since going off of it also but I also had a friend on it and 
she loved it and had no problems. She went of of it and had another child. 
It's hard to say where my problems came from because diabetes effects us in 
so many ways but that was my experience with it. The cost, I can't say to 
much about it it was covered under my perscription plan so I had to buy the 
perscription and take it to the dr. with me and one of the nurses would give 
me the shot. It's a shot that has to be inserted in your behind. It's 
different than the shots we give ourselves for diabetes. When I heard it was 
a shot I wondered why I couldn't just do it myself. It's not too bad though. 
Hope this helps alittle ;) Heather W.
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