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RE: [IP] Dieting....

Hi Cherry:
Why waste all the carbs and calories on a bagel in the morning for

I never knew how fast my sugar would spike when I ate a bagel and when I
checked the carb content etc.

I like to have some cereal w/milk (high fiber cereal) and then a serving of
fruit of some sort.  Right now strawberries are plentiful and not too
expensive so I eat 4-5 depending on their size.  I only use skim milk as

Calories are less, fiber keeps you fuller longer and you're eating a whole
heck more than one bagel without spiking your b.g.

Other stuff I have for breakfast is a fat free blueberry or honey/bran
muffin and I buy those in Walmart.  The carb count for one half is around 25
but I always eat fruit now.  Seems to keep me from spiking.

Cinnamon raisin toast is another favorite and there's not too many raisins
in them to spike you either!

Just some of my favorites!

Good luck w/the dieting and all that exerise...Belly dancing???  Wow!  I
don't think my body could do all those moves anymore!  :)  lol

Kathy B.
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