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Re: [IP] Re-PMSing & deprovera

>I seen a post about Deprovera- is there very many women out there on this. 
>here all the time form the hubby, that he loves me but sure wish the family
>didn't have to suffer with me.  Are they expensive? They could save a 
>and help bs so probably worth it. lol          Carla


When I was in my 1st year of law school every period was at least two weeks 
late, which meant that I had PMS and highs for that whole two weeks.  So, I 
went on the pill and that not only fixed the problem of being late, but also 
took care of my usual one day of high bs before the period.  I'm sure depo 
is basically the same way...  Even though my insurance at the time didn't 
cover birth control, it did cover my pills because they were prescribed to 
help my diabetes control.  I'm sure you could work the same deal.

Another thing...  When I was on the pill I had yeast infections constantly 
and ultimately stopped taking it because it was just too miserable.  I don't 
know if depo also causes them (but wouldn't be surprised since it's mucking 
around with the same hormones), but the idea that there's no turning back 
(ie, you take the shot and its in you for three months, like it or not) 
really gives me the weeby jeebies.  You might be able to live through three 
months of yeast infections, but what if there was some other reason you 
didn't want that stuff in your system?  I hope this is just crazy paranoia, 
something to think about anyway.  I suppose if everyone who takes it is 
happy with it, then it might be worth the risk.


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