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Re: [IP] Paradigm questions

>After reading this, I am a little scared to switch from my 508 to the new
>pump.  It sais that if the battery is left out for more than 60 seconds 
>you have to start over programming in your basal rates.  Has anyone had 
>problem?  I know that when the low battery alarm on my 508 goes off, I have
>several hours until I need to change the batteries.

That is true of the Paradigm, too.  The only time I have changed the battery 
(only had it since may 10th), I got an alarm and then waited a coupla hours 
before I changed it.  No problem.

>And as in the priming, you have to choose if you are using U-50 or U-100
>insuling and if you accindentally program in U-50 you will get double to
>amount of insulin that you really need.  Has anyone had this problem?

This didn't strike me as a problem at all.  The article made it sound like 
you'd get confused about which one to choose, u100 or u50, if you were 
having a low.  Well, maybe if you didn't have to tell the pump every single 
time you change your set you would, but I REALLY don't think anyone is going 
to think they are on the other one...  And you actually have to tell the 
pump twice (after the first time it asks you if you're right and you have to 
tell it yes), so if you hit the wrong button by mistake, it tells you and 
you have a chance to clear it up.


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