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Re: [IP] More stuff on blood type A

>I don't have blood group A either. The large number of type 1 diabetics 
>with type A blood probably stems in part from the increased resistance of 
>Blood group A individuals to bubonic plague.there were fewer blood group A 
>people who got the plague and died during the epidemic. Blood group A 
>gives some natural resistance to the plague. however, the natural immunity 
>comes at a price, increased susceptibility to autoimmune diseases such as 
>T1 diabetes, MS, Lupus and polyendocrine syndrome. spot A. L. Bender, M. 
>D. email @ redacted

Wowee, I'm Type A+, sure glad to know I'll be safe when the bubonic plague 
goes around again.  Thanks for the info, Spot.  :o)

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