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[IP] Pump start

I was with the pump trainer on friday proving i have "mastered the pump" (you
have done well young Jedi).
i had to show that i could set basal programs, bolus and suspend. Then we set
up a reservoir and tubing and primed it and everything up to inserting. she
said i could if i wanted to, but i said i didn't see the need.
well, tonight i was talking to my wife about it and said it might be a good
idea to do that and start getting used to it. the reservoir still had the
saline in it, so i hooked up a new Quick set( that's what i'll be using)
primed it and inserted it and set a basal. until the saline runs out i will go
ahead and bolus with it too.
My endo called me last night and set up a time for me to come in wed and he's
going to do the "live start"
i can hardly wait. i'll let ya know how it goes.

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