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[IP] Alcohol

> It was the sentence that reads: "I would think that you are
safe at one
> glass of wine!" that concerned me.

Very true. Our pump trainer had several people hooked up to CGMS
while on the pump and looked at the effects of moderate alcohol
consumption. As an example, one man had 2 beers with dinner, was
over target before bed and over target at breakfast. You would
think that would mean he was safe through the night. Not so; he
spent several hours with blood sugar in the 50's overnight. They
recommended we half our basal overnight if we have any alcohol to
be on the safe side.

I also read that initially your BG will go up but then later
glucagon function is impaired when you will probably need it to
keep you from crashing. Then you probably have a rebound later.

Kathleen, MM508
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