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[IP] Aspartame stuff

of two evils-either I bolus for juice or regular Pepsi (Regular Pepsi is
nasty-sweet to me) or drink my diet Pepsi. My choice is diet Pepsi! I do
watered down juice for a breakfast - fruit because juice too is way too
for me. I also heard of a link of aspartame to multiple sclerosis-everybody
can believe what they want to believe.Happy pumping Sharon B
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Well I think that this aspertame link to anythung is not proven in any
accepted scientific study I agree that some foods are too sweet. Ms occurs
mostly  in people with the HLA-1 haplotype, just as type 1 diabetes only
occurs in this same set of people, Most of us are type A blood. there are
exceptions, LADA occurs in HLA-2 haplotypes and is not related to type A
blood. these people rarely get MS. The main constituent of Aspartame is the
Amino acid found in bananas, phenylalanine.  It has been found to be an
important amino acid in growth and development. spot
A. L. Bender, M. D.
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