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[IP] Alcohol

>You might take into consideration what else is in the alcohol besides
 >alcohol as you might have to bolus for it.
 >Once in a blue moon I'll have a margueritta and that I bolus for because
 >the juices in it.
 >Hope this helps.
 >Kathy B.
Kathy is correct. Alcohol is all carbohydrate but it has a direct route into
your metabolism bypassing the step that requires insulin. For that reason,
you should not bolus for it. As it enters the carbohydrate pathway it blocks
the liver in producing glucose from glycogen and can give you a hypo. this
reduces your basal requirement for insulin. The take home message is it is
very difficult to adjust you insulin basal or bolus if alcohol has been
A. L. Bender, M. D.
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