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RE: [IP]lows when exercising

Hi Anne,
I was having a similar problem when I first started out . one thing that
helps me is to run after eating a meal and reduce my bolus (usually by
50%). I make sure it's a fairly balanced meal with protein so that as
the run progresses things will be coming on board at different times.
Also - when I first got the pump and started exercising I would check my
BS every 10 minutes so I could see the pattern of how my body was
gobbling up those carbs. I found that things were pretty stable for the
first 20 minutes but between 20 and 30, whoa boy did things plummet. So,
that's why I take Gatorade with me on runs and make sure that by 20
minutes into it I've drank at least 15carbs worth (and continue to do so
for the longer runs). I am by no means suggesting this to be a universal
recipe for success . it's just my quirky way that seems to work for me.
Good luck.
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Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 17:04:29 -0400
From: "Anne O'Hara" <email @ redacted>
Subject: RE: [IP]lows when exercising
Hi Kathy - thanks for the response.  I ususally drop 200 points so I
never Want to be below 250 when I run...you can see why.  I'm not sure
if this Will change as I adjust to the pump.  I too keep the gluco tabs
and breakfast Bars with me.  I have already reduced my basal rate from
.7 to .1 - I've even Shut it off when running for fear of a low. Good
luck in your training!  I really admire you.  I would love to
participate In some kind of outdoor run once I'm more comfortable with
where my sugar will Go. Thanks again. Anne
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