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[IP] Re: Body temp and insulin

Michael, what you wrote was very interesting.  Gives me another reason why I 
really like Claire's H-tron pump--the glass reservoirs/cartridges.  
     Claire does keep her pump right next to her body and I do worry a bit 
about the heat affecting the insulin.  Kids are always so warm.  Her 315 unit 
cartridge would last 3 sites, so about 10 days.  But lately I've been 
changing it after 2 sites, just in case the body heat affected the insulin. 
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8 

> The plastic syringes are slightly tapered on the inside 
> so that they can be removed from the mold on which they are made. The 
> plunger gets slightly tighter as it get toward the bottom and if the 
> lubricant has not been properly spread can bind causing the pump to 
> have difficulty delivering the last 20-30 units. A few years back 
> there was actually a bad batch of syringes that did not have the 
> proper amount of lubricant and guess what the symptoms were :-)
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