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[IP] Paradigm questions

I read the article that was an attachment to an earlier post that compared 
the new Paradigm to the 508.

After reading this, I am a little scared to switch from my 508 to the new 
pump.  It sais that if the battery is left out for more than 60 seconds that 
you have to start over programming in your basal rates.  Has anyone had this 
problem?  I know that when the low battery alarm on my 508 goes off, I have 
several hours until I need to change the batteries. 

And as in the priming, you have to choose if you are using U-50 or U-100 
insuling and if you accindentally program in U-50 you will get double to 
amount of insulin that you really need.  Has anyone had this problem?

I was all excited about upgrading my pump before I read the article, but now 
I am having second and third thoughts about it.  Knock on wood, I have not 
had any problems with my 508 and am happy with it.  And after seeing the new 
pump my Minimed rep wore, it really isn't all that much size difference (the 
size of my 508 does not bother me).

Can anyone shed some more light as to the pros and cons of swithcing to the 
new pump?  All will be appreciated.

Thank you,.

MM 508 since 3/31/01
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