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Re: [IP] Medical id

>>>Just wondering if any pumpers use diabetic ids.  I had a necklace and
lost it.  When I went on the pump last Saturday, I thought, once they see
the pump, they'll know I'm diabetic, so do I need it?  Any thoughts?
Thanks, Anne O'Hara>>>

Something to think about is if you are in need of emergency assistance, they
will not feel down the front of your blouse in case there is a medical ID
there. Imagine the lawsuits. ;)  Bracelets are more visible and some are
quite attractive.

There are also other devices that are attached to people like the CGMS
(continuous glucose monitoring system), chemo, etc. in pump-like devices so
assuming they'll know you are a DMer isn't guaranteed. I know a lady who has
chemo going into her liver for a cancer treatment in a pump very similar to
my MM 507C. (~_^)

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