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Re: [IP] body temp & insulin

> The insulin will not go 'bad' but prolonged exposure to heat will
> lessen the potency of the insulin.  We actually find that this is
> true sometimes in the last 20-30 units of the 315 unit cartridge in
> Josh's pump.  But not always. 

It is more likely that the syringe in the pump is not fully 
lubricated (remember to twist and push in/out twice before loading 
the insulin). The plastic syringes are slightly tapered on the inside 
so that they can be removed from the mold on which they are made. The 
plunger gets slightly tighter as it get toward the bottom and if the 
lubricant has not been properly spread can bind causing the pump to 
have difficulty delivering the last 20-30 units. A few years back 
there was actually a bad batch of syringes that did not have the 
proper amount of lubricant and guess what the symptoms were :-)

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