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Re: [IP] Medical id

 The biggest problem is that MOST people, including those in ERs and other 
medical facilities or anywhere else, don't even KNOW about pumps so they 
wouldn't know a pump if it bit them on their A--.  For Josh's pump he wears 
it mostly in a Waist-It pouch on a waist band.  I have taken liquid 
embroidery and labeled his pouches saying:
             INSULIN PUMP

Actually they still say Humalog but I will have to change that part soon!  
That way there is NO question what that thing is attached to him by anyone, 
incluidng people at school, or any place else.

So, because you are on the pump that is NO guaratee that anyopne will know 
anything about it.  Get a medical ID and be safe!  Keep in mind that a lot of 
area paramedics are also not familiar with pumps.  That is a good opportunity 
to teach them too!!!

mom to Joshua
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