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RE: [IP] more site Qs

Thanks everyone for the replies re my site Qs.  I had not even thought of 
high sugars as a sign that the site had gone bad.  Duh!  (It hasn't happened 
to me yet, thank goodness.)  I do think I'm going to start leaving my old 
site in for a coupla hours after changing, as was suggested in another 
thread recently.  Now that I'm armed with all this information, I feel 
invincable!  Have a great weekend guys!

>Many people could leave the site in much longer and still have it
>work. The down side is that after about day 3 or so, the wound starts
>to get pretty unhappy about being held open by the cannula. We did an
>experiment once and examined the wound on day 2, day 3, day 4, etc..
>(different sets of course). On day 2, the wound was nice and clean,
>looked pretty much like the surounding tissue except for the "hole",
>on day three, you could see a tiny amount of "raggedness" at the
>wound site, but it still looked pretty good. By day 4, the site was
>defintely ragged, though not inflamed. You could see that the tissue
>was unhappy though not infected or anything like that, just "abused".
>We didn't take it beyond that.
>What most people that report site problems are referring to is that
>the site stops working after a few days. You bolus and bg's come down
>some but then go right back up, or won't come down at all. Changing
>the site eliminates the problem -- this is classic "site failure"
>there are no real precurors other than high bg's. The failure can be
>cause by any number of things. In people that do not have insulin
>side effects (i.e. the humalog syndrome), it can be a nicked blood
>vessel, trauma to the site, kinked cannula, etc.... sigh.... such is
>life. For the 6% or so that have a known humalog sensitivity,
>predictibly, the site will usually die after 36 - 48 hours of
>infusion unless some steps are taken to moderate the problem (i.e.
>mixing regular or Velosulin).

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