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[IP] Basal change with time zones? -reply to anna

--- Anne O'Hara <email @ redacted> wrote:
I just got back from the gym where I run on the
treadmill...but I always go low.  Like today ...down
to 50.  How do you keep from going low and do you run
the whole 26.2 miles?  

Hi Anne - personally... when excercising, I like to
keep my blood sugars between 100 and 150, a little
higher than normal.  I set the temp basal to 50% an
hour before running, and then bump them back to 100%
and hour after I return.   This usually keeps me
pretty level, YMMV.  I usually stash gluco tabs in my
pockets, just incase of lows and pwer bars for extra
carbs.  as for the 26.2 miles... I'm getting there! 
We have our 18 mile group run next weekend... and the
Kona Marathon is at the end of June.  


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