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RE: [IP] more site Qs

>If it itches, there is a problem there you should solve -- it may be
>a tape allergy prep allergy, something like that..... The site should
>not itch.

I have been wondering what people mean when they say that their sites "last" 
a certain amount of time.  What happens to alert you that it's no good 

Is it the itching?  I have some itching that I know is tape related that I 
ignore (comes and goes and doesn't bother me that much, doesn't look bad 
when I do ultimately change the site).  Then there's a burning itch that 
feels like it's really in the site and I usually try to change it as soon as 
possible when that happens.  There have been a couple of times, though, that 
I haven't been able to do it right away and it got better.  And sometimes 
the site looks fine when I change it later.  Other times (seems random, not 
particularly related to itching), when I remove the old site, I just spew 
blood from it.  It's not a little blood, either, it's a LOT.  What is the 
deal with that?  Could I be breaking blood vessels by pulling the canula out 
(I try to be careful and pull it straight out...), or could the blood be 
pooling under there for a while before I pull the canula out?  The blood 
can't be just hanging out there since I put it in two or three days earlier, 
can it?

I have been operating under the assumption that as long as my blood sugars 
are okay, I must be absorbing, and all is well...


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